Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 Years from 40

Today is my birthday...and I am 37...3 years from 40. So when I turned 35, I was devastated, depressed all of the above...Today, not so much.

I did miss my gurfrens at home this morning a little, and with Scott leaving, that did not help...but I got out, took the kids to the mall, we had lunch at Chilis, and of course I rewarded myself with a Chocolate Molten BIRTHDAY!!!! Did a little after Christmas shopping, which consisted of new happy jammies and a robe, along with a sweater and 2 super cute shirts, then I spent the rest on Bella, she needed shirts!! I guess that is what moms do...always put everyone else first, it is OUR Job...But I am happy to say I enjoy my Job.

Will be celebrating my Birthday when Scott gets back, and while I tried to take a picture of myself, to post, let's just say, I did not have much luck with that....

Big Hugs!
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  1. Happy "belated" birthday to my blog friend!!! So, when you wrote on my blog that you are MUCH older than were wayyy off hahaha! Only 3 little years :) I hope you had an amazing bday!


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