Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fort Worth Stock Yards

This post was actually meant to be a few days ago...but I reformatted my computer, and let's just say it has been a nightmare since! So my pics are still not in the right place, I can not find them easily...and am highly frustrated by this! I am still working on it..but we'll see how it goes..
Hey there...hope all are well...So we took a trip to Fort Worth to the Stock Yards...I will say I was a little negative..I did not know where we were going, we got a late start, it was a little cold, and the list goes on! BUT once we got there, it was pretty cool!!! i loved the shops, they were cute! They also gave me some inspiration...after my re-do on the painting in Bella's room...I am INSPIRED!! So very soon, you may see a few new items in my Etsy store!!
I took a few pics, and thought I'd share, we had fun, ate lotsa candy, Cheeseburgers...all the stuff I enjoy!!

This one came out cute!! A good one of everyone SMILING!! YAY!!!
 A little history..

 I saw this guy with a steer...I liked his boots, the fact that he probably actually wears them for work, I lust liked them.....
 Big Jake, the boot mans steer....

 My mom and dad and the kidos...minus Brynne who would not cooperate

 These animals are amazing, I can not believe the size of their horns, I think I saw somewhere that they span 6 ft...HUGE!

Crack is only cute when your a kid!

 Silly faces, after we ate lotsa candy!!
 Nicholas, my oldest...Man I sure feel old after seeing how much he has grown!~
 The little kidos....I heart these unplanned shots....they ROCK!

Make some memories today, pick yourself up and get moving!!
Big Hugs!

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