Friday, December 17, 2010

My week in a Nutshell

So I had said before I was busy...and this is how it started...

I made (stamped) 57 of these...twice!! So I made the first set, completely different, with little Rudolph's, they were cute...until the red nose I painted on smeared on a few...that sent me over the edge, and I had to, because I am a freak, re-do them.....So they did come out cute!! I did not however throw away the other ones, they went to Scottys goodie bags, they turned ended up working out!!

Then it was party time! We headed to Brynne's pre-school program and party, I took a few pictures...I used my "Stupid Friend" auto mode on my camera, and they actually came out ok...because if you'll notice the end ones of the other kids, I tried to act like I was a photographer (haha) and changed some settings...I should have used the "Stupid Friend"...

 The fingers in the mouth must be a nervous habit.....
 Brynne and Kambrynn...her bestest pre-scholl friend!! So Cute!!!
 Mrs. Cindy...the most fabulous teacher!!
 Getting her gift for Mommy & Daddy from under their tree at school
 Adding to the collection of handmade goods at our house....isn't it ssssoooo cute!! Those are her little hand prints!!
The kids did a book exchange between them....
 I love this picture..I think it is the excitement between seeing her partial smile and her little fingers gripping the new book...
 Mommy & Brynne
 Story telling....

So after that we had a short intermission and went home for about an hour, before the next round of parties.....Bella's was first...
Bella and Sofia
They made stockings out of paper grocery bags and yarn, decorated them with stickers and crayons......then filled them with candy!

Daddy and Brynne, she got to make her own little stocking with stickers
 Ok, so Bella was so excited, they got new crayons for the start of the new year....she organized them all perfectly, she was very proud! Do you remember when we would get new crayons, they were the best!
Lastly it was Scotty's party...they had so much stuff! I ate too many brownies, rice crispy treats, cookies from MarketStreet and so on...They played Christmas Bingo with m&m's...the kids had a lot of fun!

Scotty waiting patiently to get the party started...side note, he got his cast off that morning, and one bone is healed and the other is not completely healed....are you kidding me?? So they were going to recast it for another 4 weeks (NNNNOOOOOO) unless he promised to wear the brace most of the time...Praise the Lord!!

 YUM.....Brynne had 3 plates of goods between her party and the other kids!!

 God Love this man...He is the BEST teacher ever! Mr. Pasqua...Scotty gave him a card and I tiold him to write in it, and sign it, i read it after he was done, Scotty wrote,"You are the Best teacher ever!", very sweet!
 Scotty and his friends....

 Look at this sweet baby...her name is Emma, she is my friend Angie's cute!!
So that sums up my week...I am sure I am leaving out something..but I will have lots more pictures and stuff coming parents came along with Nicholas yesterday..everyone is tired...the kidos have half day today, then they are out for 2 whole weeks!!
Happy Friday!!
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