Thursday, December 16, 2010

Running Crazy...

So this week has been tough!! I am still running crazy! My family comes today, my mom, dad & Nicholas...YAY!!! They will be here at 4pm....until then I am on fire! i had a quick minute (not really) to writer this post...and show you something I re-created...

So if you are a Target shopper (lover) like me..I always look, w at everything  in their home section...I got Bella's hot pink and zebra bedding there, and at the time I bought a white canvas picture with a pink crown on it...does anyone remember that one?

Well yesterday I wanted to hang the picture in her room, they are just sitting and collecting dust...I got em' up, and looked at the pink and white picture, and it did not really match her room. BUMMED......until I thought about it a bit more, and decided to get out my BLACK paint, and add some black....Sadly I DID NOT take a before picture...but here is what I added, ALL the black you see, was done by me!

LOVE IT!!! Off to run Crazy..the story of my life!!
Big Hugs, and THANK YOU for reading this blog...
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