Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday and I think the rain is gone for now..

That's right, the sun is out and I do not see a cloud in the sky, praise the Lord! We are supposed to be in the 80's by tomorrow...hopefully the pool can get dug out, again, steel retried and plumbing reset..Do you like all the "reset" going on, not so much! But hopefully we can get all that redone, to be ready for gunite/shotcrete (whichever we do) by Wednesday, then it can rain all it wants!

Busy weekend, both Scotty & Bella have hitting practice at the batting cages tomorrow...Sunday, Church, Baseball Scrimmage and Flag Football Practice...Too much for one weekend, with 3 kiddos....ugh! So we will see what we accomplish!

Off to finish laundry and some cleaning, have to run a few errands in town..

Happy Friday!
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