Monday, April 2, 2012

moving forward

needless to say the last rains ruined our what was a"good start" so now we are moving forward! This morning, today, we are finally getting the shotcrete done! and it is supposed to rain tonight, so thankfully we are ahead of that! here are some pics last week of the "fixing"

We had the company come out and do a light spray of gunite, in case it did rain, we would not have had to start over... So while we were safe, it was worth the extra money, considering it gets costly to have to redig, clean out, and re do forms!

So this morning this is the start...lotsa trucks and guys, and we are on our way!

I will update later with the end result! Then the real work will begin, the rocks, grotto and it may be a while til we are swimming, which is not music to my ears!

It's Monday...Be Happy!
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