Friday, April 20, 2012

memory lane

Scotty and Bella Halloween, Scotty was about 5, Bella 3 1/2
Christmas time, Scotty 4 Bella 2 1/2
Nicholas and Scotty about 2 years ago, before we moved away
Brynne 1st Birthday

Scott & Scotty Hawaii...we went a few times, so I can't remember exactly when this was..Scotty is about 6 I think..
Big Bear, before we moved..
1st grade pool party

sweet baby

Scotty about 6...look at his hair!!

My dad
Brynne in Hawaii
Bella had to be about 3 here, our cat is now almost 4...
Surprise visit from Mimi, when we first moved to Texas

Snickers a cute baby kitty!
At our home in California, before we moved...
Brynne was not even born yet, I was very pregnant though, and in the middle of building our house...we had been at the house most of the day, and they were wiped out!
Just moved in..Actually the power got turned on the day I delivered Brynne, February 21, 2007!!
Our last Christmas in Temecula..
at the river
Bella preschool graduation..
Daddy and Brynne

Mission Bay
all my kiddos at the park
my mom

Our first Texas Winter, fully equipped with more snow than I was prepared for!
3rd Birthday, right when we moved to Texas
Brynne a with dark hair!

Our trip home June 2010- In Lake Havasu

I think this was my last birthday in California
River trip to Oatman
Prosper ducks...

Hawaii, Brynne was about 18 months old..

Playing in the rain! Celina, TX
Mimi & Pa surprise us at a baseball game....WOW! I will never forget their excitement!!
First year BobCat cheer camp, and Brooke....
First year of Celina Football
My FIRST Double rainbow, EVER!
Me and Bella, she had to be 2, I wasn't even pregnant with Brynne yet..

Bella on our boat, Laughlin
So sweet, I found this...This was at our first house we ever built, Scotty was 6 months old when we moved in, so sweet!!
Christmas Brynne, about 9 months old...different hair again!
Scotty first day of first grade
Bella preschool Christmas program at ABC
Brynne 8 months..Peltzer Pumpkin Patch
Scotty 5th birthday..Brooke and Bella
Brynne and me
Bella, after a looong day in the sun and sand Hawaii, Bella was 3 and Brynne was 5 months old..Our entire family went, all 4 kids, and both sets of our parents met us there!!
Make some memories.....I am cherishing mine.....XO

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  1. I love memory lane. Once I get started going through old pics I can't stop. Such a sweet family you have. Material things come and go but memories last a lifetime!!!!....btw, I love your dark hair. :)

  2. That was fun! Are you from Temecula? :) :) I am in Escondido. I always feel super happy when I get up there. I have dreams of living up there, but the hubs work is more down here, and he doesn't want that commute. BUT... I can dream. ;)He won't move out of Ca. :/ The Sierras is where we are most happy, but again... work! Thanks for sharing those fun pictures.


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