Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Thursday was Bella's big 8 birthday, along with the Easter Party at her school..They did an egg hunt, I made cupcakes for the party. It was nice Mrs. Dunnam gave the kids their cupcakes separate than the actual party, so it wasn't lumped into one...very sweet! We are having her party Friday night, with her friends, so it will be fun!!

 ooohhh the excitement....doesn't she look so pretty? A new birthday outfit and curled hair...
 Sweet girls! Bestest friends, Bella and Abby L.
 I loved this picture of Brynne behind Bella, hanging onto her
 Bella, Jessica and Katelynn...friends in her class.
 Sweet booey
It was a beautiful day..they had a great time! She has started's a whole different year for her too..It's machine pitch at 35mph, no more coach pitching.. It is an adjustment and learning time..but we have the best softball Coach, ever! Our same Coach from last year! YAY!

 Bella got 2 hits last night...woo hoo
 I snapped this, afar...I thought it was adorable! This is Jake, my friend Leanna's son, and I looked over, this just looked so cute, I had to get a picture, they played together the whole game!

Happy Hump Day!
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