Wednesday, April 11, 2012

up to speed

It's been so long I hardly remember where I left off! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We did!! Except for the rain, that made us hunt eggs inside for the second time since our move to Texas! Last year it was too cold, this year to wet, maybe next year will be better! And go figure, it has been BEAUTIFUL since then! (of course it has)

So the pool is moving forward..

So the rough plumbing has started, but there are so many trenches and BIG piles of dirt, I could not get a picture of that this morning! Besides I stepped on a nail when I got the last 2 pictures this morning, I was in my thongs, so that didn't help, the nail went right through them!

Sadly for Easter I only got pictures of the kids hunting eggs...the one time I did get them to "pose" one said something to the other and then the tears erupted, it was over! But we went to church and it was great! Our photographer goes there as well, and they had set up to do FREE Family pics! So I will post it when its done, we are also going to take the kids to the blue bonnet fields and do pics, they will get to wear the Easter outfits I did for the girls, they came out really cute!

We had lunch with JB & Anthony and laid was a nice Easter. I want to plan a little more next year, if the weather permits!

We have started baseball and softball bot, I have tried to get some pictures, but it's a little harder now, they are a little more picky on the rules about staying behind the fence..Scotty's first game we won 10-2 and the last 2, we have been skunked.NOT GOOD! This is a whole different season though, this is the first season of Kid Pitch, which can either go really good or really bad! We played Van Alstyne, Monday night, and their pitcher had to be pitching every bit of high 50's to low 60's, that is MILES PER HOUR!!!

 Scotty and Coach Brandon...we have great coaches! Brandon and Dave, and my sweet husband! FUN!!

 Scotty and Jackson...these kids will be friends for a very long time!
The nice thing about playing in Van Alstyne is that there is a park right by the my girlies have been enjoying that!

Am very thankful for my bestest friends, A God who loves us always, and the Big wonderful state of Texas, which is home to my small town!
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