Sunday, April 29, 2012

mini meet

Yesterday we had a busy day! Brynne had her gymnastics mini meet, Scotty had baseball and we had a birthday the night before I had dinner with friends, actually drinks, and one big drink led to two big drinks, and that was it for me! thank God for good friends, especially ones that can drive you home!! (you know who you are :))

Brynne has done a preschool gymnastics class for about 4-5 months or so, since we have been back..They practice basic skills, she is VERY strong, but also does not consistently apply herself! She is a little girl, it is fun, and that is why I do it..

So my pictures suck, for the most part, I didn't realize the setting on my camera and action pics or anything indoors are not my area of here goes, you get the jist of it..

 I can only imagine the conversation, for her to make this face..

 here they have to come out of a summersault, their hands can not touch the ground, and they have to stand up without putting their hands down..

 I suck at balance, I have N.O.N.E.

 I also have Z.E.R.O. upper body strength..this was great, she held it for 6 seconds, her longest time ever!

 So the deal was that they had to earn ALL blue ribbons to get a trophy...

They called each girl up to the little mat/stand so we could get pictures..we were allowed to leave after that. Brynne wenty up to get her ribbons, and then sat back down with the other girls, then she got up and came over to me..I was so proud of her, but I knew what was coming..I knelt down to her level, and said she was awesome and that we would be hanging those on her wall for sure! She laid her face in my neck and started to cry...insert broken heart.....and then my tears rolled down off my face, she said I didn't get a trophy, I didn't get all blue ribbons.

While there are a lot of people who are all about winning, and don't get me wrong, everyone likes to win, and it is sad when your child wants something and doesn't get it...BUT while there will always be someone smarter, prettier, faster, better and a ton of other things, than you, You can only do your best and move forward....You can not make your child someone they are not or will never be, because YOU want them to be it.

This was a good lesson for Brynne, while she wanted that trophy, she didn't give it a 110% in every class leading up to it, and there for, she didn't get it. We all want things in life, and they are not always obtainable. I feel like if you always win, you always tell your kid they are the best at everything, they will be sadly dissappointed at some point in their lives, being good at things takes work, and want and the will...that's it. No amount of private classes, constant practice, is going to make them the best, they have to want it.

I am no pro in the parenting department, by any means. I do the best I can with what I've got...I love them unconditionally, lift their spirits, encourage and believe in them...They are my everything..

Make some Memories..
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