Monday, April 23, 2012

the love of spring..

I love plants, flowers, gardens and anything outside (as long as it is not 110*) haha....So while yes we have been working on the pool, we have had a bit of a stall, waiting for the plumber and some parts..but even though I am so impatient, I know what my husband does in this project, will be well worth the'll see! And while I wanted to have an end of the school year pool party, that may turn into a end of summer bummer, back to school party....(worth the wait, worth the wait)

On another note, in our stalled time on the pool we have been redoing our planters...They were pitiful! The only thing in them were a few too many day lilies and some crape myrtles. Last year we did plant a good amount more of the crape myrtle trees, but when we moved to Florida, we stopped anything else...Now that we are in our forever space..It has begun!

Our house has a big front planter off the driveway, and then a small one at the sidewalk, then two big ones at the front of the house. There have never been planters or plants along the sides of the house, those we are adding, to tie into the back yard landscape as well. Here it is hard to grow anything!! The soil, if you want to call it that, is clay, and nothing will grow without good dirt! Also plants are really expensive here, surprisingly California is cheaper than here for plants! Plus we have to be careful what we plant, as it will surely burn up in the summer or freeze in the winter (unless we have a winter like this past year which made me one happy girl-no freezing temps!)

So we have almost completed the planter off the driveway, all the plants are in, and tomorrow they are starting the stacked stone border...

 Front planter to the right of the driveway, we did a rose garden..I have always had a lot of roses at our houses, I don't mind taking care of them, clipping them, and I usually have vases everywhere in the house possible!! (that might be next year though once they get going)
 Side of house, this is my bathroom window..we added a crape myrtle and the day lilies we transplanted..All the ones you see came from the front planters and the planter at the driveway. We still have at least 8 to relocate, there are so many, and it was like they were thrown in there with no rhyme or they are big!!

 leading from the side to the front planter

 other side of the house, by the garage...
 star jasmine...oh I love the pink jasmine, but that will not make it here at all! But this I HOPE will, every time I walk out of the garage, and smell that smell, it reminds me of California...
 Whats left and we still need more....A LOT more!!
 This is a small planter by our sidewalk, believe it or not, we pulled 4 HUGE day lilies out of there!! There was some metal border in it as well, they laid the first course of the stacked stone, that's what will be around all of the planters..
Will update you more as we progress!! The weather has been amazing to say the least, we are all enjoying it so much..we have been outside everyday, seems like all day! The kids have been on the trampoline, riding bikes! There have also been so many butterflies, I don't remember this many in past years...
Happy Monday!
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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I can't believe you are doing so much outside!! I am totally jealous...that you have the energy to do all the work, that you know what you're doing, and of your gorgeous property!! It is stunning for sure!! Great job!


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