Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sunday we ventured out to church, it rained alot...We started a series on Family Values, and it really bugs me if I have to miss and don't know what they talked about. Yes I could listen online, but am not all that good at that! I'd rather hear and see the real thing! In the midst of crazy weather I snapped a few pictures...

 Sunday after church, I wanted some cow pictures...This was all I got! For one, cows don't like rain, and the other they don't like it when you get out of the car and even remotely try to approach them...

 They gone....(BTW anyone watching Duck Dynasty??)
 Brynne's weekly "date" with Jake..this was at Bella's softball game Monday night..We WON!!!!!
 If your wondering why Brynne was lifting up her shirt, that would be an ant bite...I hate those things..
Well it's almost Friday, YAY! Tonight Bella has a make up softball game, against her good friends' team, she's a little worried about that! Scotty has baseball practice and Brynne has kindergarten roundup...(wiping tears away now) They will have all the registration info and assess them and then we will head to Bella's game...

Have a fabulous Thursday!
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