Saturday, April 14, 2012

swim party

Last night we had Bella's official birthday party! There is an athletic center in Frisco, that has a cool indoor/outdoor pool and you can host a birthday party there. Scott and I always have the discussion about the cost of birthday parties, because I am soooo ok with plunking down a little cash to host it somewhere where I don't have to "entertain, clean up, or anything else that falls into the birthday category!" Besides you spend a lot of money on decorations, games, food and drinks and party favors, so really it equals out about the same, but it's way easier for me!

So My sweetest friend ever came over and helped me out with the cake part of the party! Lainey is a fabulous cake pop maker! And being that we are both addicted to pinterest, I saw a cake pop decor that I had to recreate!!

 They are freakin' adorable!! Thank You Lainey for your "know How" the mad skills you showed me!! Yay!!! Here is her link....Sweets on a Stick
 I stamped the bags, I thought the colors were a good combo...
I had to represent with the paw print, even though it was pink....
 The goodies inside included, Chocolate dipped double stuf Oreos (like anyone needs those!!) Strawberry Soda, a cute Turquoise cup, Pencils, Erasers, and Tattoos...and mini Hersheys chocolate bars
 Abby Claire  and Bella...these two could pass for sisters...

 had to get lil' sis in there...
 Abby L
 Abby Claire

 All the girls taking a break for pizza
 Then came the singing of happy these girls definitely have some lungs on was crazy loud, but that is what being a girl is all about!!
 The covering of the ears...YES it was that loud!

 Making decisions...all the girlies picked Pink Cheetah (No Surprise) so luckily in our slaving til 12:30, we painted most of them cheetah...Thank You again Lainey!
 Abby Claire
 Katelynn, Abby L and Bella
 And then Brynne decided to put an entire cake pop in her mouth....YUM!!
We had a great party, we are so very blessed in the short amount of time we have been here to have GREAT friends, they are our family now...we have been so welcomed, and it really warms my heart! We have a many years to live here, to grow here, to watch our kids grow up and I would not choose any other place...ever! I know our kids are watched over, and God has blessed us so! In ways that we could not ever have imagined..I have friends it takes people a lifetime to find, and some never I am thankful for each and everyone of them, different in many ways, but the same in that fact that they accept me for me, good, bad or indifferent, just ME.

Happy Saturday! Have a beautiful weekend, make the most of it, but mostly Make It Count!!
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