Thursday, March 15, 2012

pipes in the ground....some of them

Today the Plumber finished the start of the plumbing...getting the pipes set where they need to go in the pool...skimmers, spa and bubblers..

Now we have to have the steel guy come back out, tie all the steel and dig out the dirt that has fallen into places it is not supposed to be, due to rain last week, before we can get inspection.We are hoping to get inspection Monday and shotcrete on Tuesday, hopefully before we get a big rain, and not only it delays us, but also the steel guys would have to come back and dig all the dirt out again....not fun!

So it is going forward, and I am imagining swimming in a few short months...YAY!

Spring break is on right now, we have been laying low, I did some major closet cleaning! Not much else has been accomplished on my list though, that's ok. Today JB and I took the kids to see the Lorax...It was really cute! Nothing like popcorn, candy and icees at 10 am! No one was even hungry for lunch!

Sadly Friday is approaching, the last real day of the spring break week...I am so ready for summer.....
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  1. This is great fun to watch the progress... FOR MY HUSBAND, who keeps looking over my shoulder to critique the building of your pool as that is what he does here. :) It's looken good. He said so. ;)


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