Sunday, March 11, 2012

the first week

So Tuesday will end the first week of starting our pool, and this is where we are.......

 a tanning ledge for the hot summer days, hanging in a chair with a drink in my hand....
 beach entry and spa, amongst the mud hole!

Things are moving right along, except for the rain putting a damper on things..and there is supposedly more coming Tuesday! At least it is supposed to be in the high 70's, I am happy about that!

No big plans for our spring break, maybe a trip to the movies, some closet cleaning, and sewing...I am making Easter dresses for my girls, so I started that yesterday...I have come to the conclusion that I better get sewing...I have "hoarded" Fabric for quite a few years, always saying I am saving it for this occasion or that occasion, and not using it. Well my baby goes to Kindergarten in the fall, and I am running out of time for her to "want" to wear it...So I better Use It! She won't be little for long....

Happy Sunday, God Bless!
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