Sunday, May 13, 2012

daddy's birthday

Tuesday was Scott's birthday....sadly we just did gifts last night along with his favorite carrot cake! Every night we had something to be at, even Friday, both kids had better late than never!!

 what's in the bag...Much needed tank sops, a starbucks travel cup and his 2nd pair of sunglasses since we have been back! He has had a few mishaps with his sunglasses, aka putting them in his pocket and forgetting they are there, I need not explain more...I LOVE Tilly's, sadly they are in California, so thank God for online shopping!!
Happy Late birthday my best friend, my forever husband, the best father in the world, my trusty companion, one I can laugh and love with, confide in and be "me" with, always....thank you for being the best husband and friend anyone could have. I am one lucky girl!!

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