Friday, May 25, 2012

awards and a fun day celebration

As the school year closes we get to start to enjoy some outdoor fun, some recognition and make some great memories!! Today was an awards assembly for third grade, Scotty received the Excellence in Reading award! (pardon the red evil eyes)

He also made the Math Hall of Fame so they had a fun water/game day for those who achieved it! In his class he got he awards for Best Laugh and the BEST MANNERS of the class (woo hoo!) So he had a great day!! They had a drawing at lunch for some prizes and he actually won! A water toy set (for the pool we don't have yet)

Bella had fun day at her school, an end of the year party that the PTA does for the entire school! there are bounce houses, slides, tug of war, water games, 3 legged races, all sorts of good times! So I helped at that for a while.....

Abby L and Sarabeth are in a different class, but I snapped this as I was passing through!
 Jessica, Kaitlyn and Bella
 Water relay...fill the bucket at the other end the fastest...Your team wins!

 Getting sprayed with the was hot today! about 93*

 sack races...

 This is a great picture! My sweet girls!!
Fun times, Great memories, and I am so thankful I am in a great place, with great friends...forever!!

Make it count!
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