Monday, May 14, 2012

mom's day of rest

Yesterday, Mother's Day, we had a lay low day! I slept in, Scott made breakfast...we went to lunch and ate frozen yogurt for dinner..Easy for me! We had Mexican food, my all time favorite and then we came home, spent some time outside (where I love to be) I took some updated pictures of our flower beds and all our hard work...we will see how it fares when it's a 110*

 I LOVE these! I can't remember what they are called, but I love the flower and I know they will not die here (most important) and I have been told even if I want them to go away, they wont!!
 The prettier of the two magnolia trees in our yard..the other one is a bit weathered! It hardly has any leaves, and I wonder if it is the way the wind blows out here??
 These are pretty, I liked the purple flowers..however the little "nubs" to the left, WERE petunias, until the rabbit got em', they will have to be replaced with something rabbits don't like..

 to the right are the calla lillies the kids chopped down last year..they are actually getting some lillies...

 I love all the colors....

 This will prove to be the hardiest thing in our yard...a knock out rose...they do not die. I have seen these things on fence lines, with NO SPRINKLERS and they are great, this is very much my kind of plant...So in our big planter by the driveway, we planted a really pretty bush, but it is half dead, it did not like they few days of hot we had a couple weeks ago! I think the knock out will be it's replacement!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I sure missed my mom, and I wished she were here...I love you Mom!

Happy Monday!
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