Saturday, May 12, 2012

a busy week and a mom's day treat

So this week I was all over the place!! I have been running to volunteer at both schools, dental appointments, practices and games, not to mention a mom's day treat at Brynnes' sweet!

 They gave us flowers, sang a couple songs, and gave us tea and cookies..Very Cute!! While I am really going to be sad that she is gone all week, in kindergarten, I really look forward to having lotsa great times and memories at the elementary school...I love that school!! This year we got a new principal, who was the assistant principal...she is AMAZING!!! That school is so welcoming, all the walls are plastered with artwork, and the front office looks amazing! She has made huge changes in the appearance and the it is really a wonderful place! I liked it before, but now, it is awesome! Thanks Mrs. Martin!!
 Brynne and Kambryn
 This is how I start my mornings...everyday.....without it, I am lost (and grumpy)
 This was for teacher appreciation and because of my lack of preparedness (if that is a word) I had to give one red bag..This also falls on a late night Thursday after a softball game that left us getting home at 9pm..I baked slutty brownies (thanks to pinterest) and decorated bags...
 I got these really cute chevron bags and paper straws, stamped some bags and added Hershey's chocolate milkshake milks in the bag..that was a must after a couple bites of these brownies!!
Chocolate chip cookie dough, double stuf Oreos, and brownie mix....Ouch on the ol'scale..

It has been stormy rainy here, with threats of rain today, but we haven't seen any. We had enough to be wet enough to cancel all games for today, so it has been a lazy day! I did major cleaning and am still not done, I just wanted a clean house before the summer break actually starts, so I can do some projects that I really want to do, and cleaning is not one of them!!

Any big plans??

Make it count!!
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