Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lost in the Loop....

Well I have been lost in a loop...some loop..I guess just the last busy days of school, visitors, planning our trip home to California...and other surprises!!!

Well a couple weeks ago, my mother and father in-law came to was GREAT!! We had a great visit, the kids were really surprised and they were also our "first" visitors to our new home!!

Scott & I knew they were coming, but we did not tell the kids...It was also Scotty's LAST and final baseball game, so they showed up, just in time to see him bat!! It was so cute, Brynne and Bella were playing and since they called me before they came, I got my camera ready...Brynne was playing on the sidewalk, and Mimi and Pa came up behind here...she looked puzzled, like she knew them, but couldn't figure out how or why they were there...then the screams to Bella, and it was all over!! It was sssooo great!! I captured what I could, but I missed the big open mouth as she was running to Bella!!!!

Then we snapped a few other pics of teh game, Scotty was so proud...and happy..It was a piece of "home"...Something I think we all needed....

Well, I have a lot to do..and I will post some more pics tonight, before we head out on our journey...
Big Hugs to you all!!

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