Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Good Citizen

Last week at school, they had their end of years awards assembly, and Scotty received an award for Citizenship. Stating he was a good friend and cared about others, and was there to help out!! We went and were very proud of him!! This has definitely been a change, in a good way, but it is still change!! I keep reminding my self, that it will take time, and time is hard for someone as impatient as me!
I am sure he will succeed through all the changes we have and and will have, and come out a stronger more confident boy....I.HEART.THIS.BOY.SO. MUCH!!
Then these are some pics of Brynne, who was trying to be patient...she is so cute! Even if I say so myself!!

Are these lil' ponies not the cutest??

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