Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pool Fun...isn't it always!!!

Well am making up for lost blog time...and packing in between!! haha...when Jan & Noel were here (in-laws) we went to the pool with some of my friends from school, and the kids had a blast!! Scott & I also had a night out to ourselves (which we needed desperately) we ate at a place called Bob's steak and chop house in Plano, and I am telling you that filet, was the BEST i have ever had, and that is saying alot!! We have eaten at some pretty yummy places in our 12 years together, and that filet was fabulous!! One thing I am starting to learn here though, BRING A JACKET!! It is hot out side, but everywhere you go the A/C is cranking!! I can't even get a sandwich without freezing!!

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