Monday, June 20, 2011

Coming, Going, Swimming & Father's Day...

It has been hectic to say the least, with Scott only home almost 48 hours, then leaving has been tough! So here is a quick Blogger was acting up, not recognizing me, and deleted my post that was set to go up today...not happy..

Friday Night Nicholas and Scott flew in...YAY!!

Saturday we hung out, went to lunch for Father's day at La Hacienda (YUM) But since I have been doing Atkins, no going out has been all that exciting for me..I just like to be out and about, all of us together, more than anything.. Bella had her swim softball party that evening, it was nice..she got her first Softball trophy and was very excited!!

They are like fish, my kids, they could be in here all day...which is fine by me..and in exactly 2 weeks we will be on the road...again (that should be our theme song) going to the beach and preparing to move in our new house!! (which has a pool) another yay!

Bella was very proud of her trophy..Brynne kept telling me "when i play baseball, I am gonna get one of those, momma"...So cute!

Sunday was nice, hectic, but nice! I wanted to wish all our Dad's a Happy Father's Day, and tell them that we miss and love them, lots!

And to my husband...I LOVE HIM IMMENSELY! He is an awesome dad, he has the patience, I wish I had..he is the most loving, caring, fun dad...eva! (not to mention husband too)...We are so counting down the days when we feel like we can be "normal" again..start rebuilding our life and memories, all together, the way it is supposed to be!

This morning Bella woke up with her eyes glued eye is back to haunt my house..So I have been a lysol spraying clean freak today...They went to the dentist this morning, all is well with Scotty, but because of Bella's eye, I had to reschedule for next week, and Brynne will get to go to, that outta be fun...

Not much going on this week, trying to get a handle on the packing and cleaning out stuff some more...good times.

Have a happy Monday and a great start to your week!
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