Monday, June 27, 2011

HAD to have em'

so cute and they are totally me.....

This was my "find" at the mall....Hopefully your Monday is off to a great start!! Mine..full of cleaning, packing and more packing...the count down is on!!

Also on another note..I have been doing Atkins...The first week, I lost ZERO pounds, and was quite frustrated!! Today, at the END of my 2nd week.... weighed myself and lost about 4-5 lbs...YAY!! Am motivated to stick with it!! 15lbs to I come again to my size 25/26.....(I hope)
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  1. Coming out of lurking and commenting. You take really great photos and seem to really love your family. I tried to borrow your photo of In and Out so I could show hubby what he is missing. I think I am going to send the link instead .. I am NOT tech saavy. :)

    Continue to enjoy this hot summer in Texas. :)


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