Friday, June 17, 2011

a week lumped into a days post...

This week has been one of many emotions and trying to stay busy, which is hard!! The kids did VBS this week, and loved it!!! They had different themes each day, Crazy Hair, Silly Socks and Crazy Hats...I did take pics of the hair day, but the others, well they all started to run together, and I forgot!!

It was fun the kids always LOVE to "color" their hair, so they were happy! Surprisingly Brynne stayed at VBS, this my friends is HUGE!! She is always glued to my side..the first night she was fine, then the second sunk in, and there were tears...BUT, by God's grace, her teacher just happened to be a teacher at her old school, and a great friend of Mrs. Cindy' it was all good!

The kids had their check ups for physicals for registration at their new schools...Brynne had hers last week, and needed 4 shots, it was awful!! So the other two were a little concerned when they were going, as they saw how Brynne's appointment went! But all was well!!

I got to view Bella's dance recital pictures, and they were soooo good, I will share those when I get the cd...yes they were that good, I had to get them all....of course..

Last night was a family cook out at VBS, since it was the last night..The kids got up with each of their classes and sang a song for us, even Brynne! Amazing the way God touches their hearts!!

 Abby L, Bella and Abby O.

 The girls were really into it! i was a proud momma...I love that Bella Loves God, Loves her friends and really got to enjoy this with them..a great memory....
 Scotty was kind of tucked in the back, where I could hardly see him!! But I am always watching...I was happy to see him singing with Jackson and praising God...This is a kid who flourished immensely in Awanas, NEVER wanting to miss one class, He is a friend that invited kids that never had been, He is hands down a friend to all and Loves God..with all his heart!!
So at the cook out aka bbq (if your from California) We hung out on the grass, the kids ate cotton candy, funnel cakes and soda....good times... I on the other hand have been doing Atkins and got no pleasure in watching them consume all the yummy stuff i would have loved to eat...I have been sticking to it, it has been hard, but I think it will pay off. i also realized what the problem is, partially, I eat out of boredom..Not Good.

 It is always funny to me, to see Brynne right on in there with the girls..she wants to be with them so much! It also makes me a little sad, because Bella is not always happy that she is around.....Abby L. LOVES Brynne though and always makes her feel welcome, that warms my heart! I know Bella loves Brynne, but I think she just wants to be with her "girlfriends"...someday she will realize how lucky she is to have Brynne...

Me, Lainey and Honey hung out...sat on the grass in the little bit of shade we could find, so we did not die out there of heat exhaustion..It actually was not that bad..oh how I would rather be hot than cold! I love these nights here, it is 90* when it's 10 o'clock at night...L.O.V.E . I.T!!

As I was sitting with my friends, I was thinking of the things I will miss, and they are definitely one of them!! I will miss the closeness of a small town, the friends the kids have made, I think it is going to be a sad good bye...for so many reasons of "what could have been".

As I drove home, the sunset was an amzing color of pink and blue, the clouds almost looked like the shape of a was really pretty. Texas has the best sunsets..Big open spaces, the sky is huge!

Happy Friday my friends, Biggest Hugs to you!!
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