Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Weekend...

We spent a good part of Friday at the mall..a favorite past time of mine, when money was never an how things change in a crappy economy! I HAD to get outta the house... We headed out for lunch and saw a movie...Mr. Popper's Penguins..It was cute! Then we walked around the mall, the kids talked me into dippin' Dots at $3 a pop ( for an extra small) As if the movies was not already a small fortune! But at least we got out and did something!

Today we laid low, went to JB's house to swim..They are on vacation and she offered her pool to us, which is awesome! the kids loved it!!

We booked 4 nights in so excited and simply can not wait!! It is so beautiful there!! I have a few things planned this week, including a little get together good-bye for my friends that I have made here, we will be headed to Mexican food and drinks! Yay!!! I am going to get some pics fo' sho!!

Hope your weekend is great!
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