Wednesday, July 27, 2011

random and unsettled...still

So we are going on our 4th week in the motorhome...someone please tell me it is coming to a halt! Don't get me wrong, I like sleeping til 9, holding down a lawn chair at the pool, working on my tan.....But on the other hand I am a busy body, I LIKE to be doing something, I LIKE being crafty and being on a schedule...normalcy...and I am craving it!

We went to Jensen Beach, on Sunday, before Nicholas left Monday with Scott to go home...that is a whole other story, that I will get to later.....But we ate near the beach and went and walked on the beach after, I took some pics....

 These kids could be out here for hours, doing exactly this.....

 Not supposed to be getting wet....ya right
 My son proceeded to find a coconut, and began trying to get it open...he did
 I tried to get all of them together...I am bummed about the shadow on Scotty's face....But it is a REAL picture....

So while I have been missing all the trash TV, especially RHONew Jersey...BUMMED!!! I will be recording everyone when my TV gets turned on, it can't come soon enough!!

Trying to stay strong, stay sane, stay faithful during this time of "new", this time of change "again", I am getting too old for this!!

I will blog more about this, just not today, I already have a headache and I don't want to makes it worse...

Big hugs!
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  1. Aww! I am sorry you are goen through a rough patch. I will pray for you guys. Hope you can be settled soon...


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