Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Countdown to a break

Spring break that is!!! Oh I can not wait...I can see sunshine and palm trees, and Iwill never have loved a beach so much!! We leave Saturday for Florida.....so I will be zipping through this week, Awanas tomorrow, Dance Thursday and Friday lunch with a friend...I can't wait!! I am making my lists and getting some errands done....

I am not really looking forward to 2 parts though, one being we are driving my car, and it is a long drive...We figure we will leave Saturday and make it to Destin/Pensacola that night, hang out there at the beach Sunday and either stay that night there or leave that afternoon for West Palm Beach...The other part is that fact that I will NOT be sporting any kind of bathing suit. I have failed miserably at my attempt to lose any weight, and I had to break down and hit Target & Old Navy for for some cheaper "bigger" clothes, just to have something to wear on this trip, and I was not a happy girl...I saw myself in the dressing room, and was very sad and disappointed in ME.....
I tell ya, the last few months have been tough, I had bought a buncha cute shorts from Buckle back in August (mind you that was not that long ago) and NONE, let me say it again, NONE of them fit, actually I got one pair on, but not comfortably...It is not good.

Scott thinks I have that seasonal depression, and considering my weight gain and mood, I am thinking I do too...Also the fact that we don't have "seasons" at home, I never had to worry about this before....Oh how I wished for seasons, now all I wish is that they would go away!!

I have sewn some cute outfits for the girls, got a couple new things for Bella, who has outgrown everything! Got down all Bella's old adorable Gymboree clothes for Brynne, and Scotty is set to go...now to make it through, put a smile on my face, and suck it up (or in) and push forward!!

I will be taking lotsa pictures, none of me...haha, and no blogging all week, because we will not have any computer access, other than our phones...woo hoo! (BTW did yall watch the real housewives of OC....It's gonna be a good season)

Big Hugs!
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