Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday

Thankfully it is Friday, yay!! It has been a great week having Scott home, Bella doing dance and starting softball..Everyone is good, no sickies in the house, but I see some sniffles out of Scotty, and I know it is the start of the wonderful allergies here in Texas! (ugh) We have been slowly working upstairs on the finish out of that, the electrician has been here, along with a plumber..we have to cut  out some drywall in our spare bath, to put in a bigger pipe for the bathroom we added upstairs...not happy about that, because for one I did not have to paint that bathroom, nor do I have the paint that matches it now, which in turn means I will have to paint it when it is all said and done...besides the fact that that bathroom has a really heavy different type texture, that may not be able to be matched...(ugh again)

Other than that we are plugging along, I am preparing for my lonely week ahead, along with trying to mill over what to do here with our life. It feels unsettling again. One because we moved here with great intentions, of a slower life, quieter place, that we would buy a business here, and non of those things seem anywhere close now...Never did I think we would contemplate a move to Florida. Our business has been able to grow a lot there over the last 6 months, and really it comes at a great time. In times now, where people are having hard times, jobs are not plentiful, we are being blessed by the abundance of work, and opportunity....and I am complaining?

Complaining, milling it over, contemplating it...YES. I feel so torn, I feel like I am in the middle of a very sticky situation, one of having to choose, and I am struggling...

On one hand IF we stay here, my children will get the life "WE" wanted for them, slower pace of life, a decent education, wide open spaces....BUT their dad will be gone every other week.

On the other hand if we move, we all get to be together but we sacrifice more busyness, closer living, more influx of all types of people, and the "not knowing" part of life...but daddy would be able to be home everyday, be at their sports and school stuff...having it all....again.
It is very scary, the change again...being new again, hoping the schools are good again, a new house is a lot, and it has weighed heavily on my heart....I LOVE MY HUSBAND, and that is why I feel so torn, if I didn't I guess I would be fine with him being gone, and being on my own...

But I am not that person

so I guess I got my answer, huh?

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  1. I'm sure you will make the right choice! No matter where you live, your kids will have a great life and upbringing because you are a great mom. Tell everyone I said hello =)


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