Wednesday, March 30, 2011

please come to a screeching halt!

This week has been busy, thus my just now posting..I have been between softball and awanas tonight, and then picking up Nicholas yesterday for his's all good...except for one thing....the weather has been yucky! (again!)

I snapped these on Monday and they are the start...the start of Spring, start of something beautiful and green, knowing this winter is coming to a screeching halt can not come fast enough for me!

 When we got home last week from Florida, these were still was almost like you could sit out front and watch them grow daily!
 You can also see there is no sun shining on them, and we haven't seen much of Mr. Sun...but it's coming.....
 The brightness of the "new" green, so shiny and bright green, it took over these shrubs, they needed a trim...

I am so happy this weekend will bring some warmth..I need it...I miss feeds my soul....
and I am hungry....

Happy Hump Day!
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