Monday, April 4, 2011

I am NO Bowler..

Hey all..we have been busy between our usual running and Nicholas being here..It has been great fun! We have hung out, done lunch out a few times, we actually went bowling..I have not done that in YEARS, probably since I was a little kid.

I am no all...I am a gutterer, as I called it. I actually made it down the middle one time, and rolled a strike, although there are no pictures to prove it, it did happen...really

Daddy helping Brynne....he is so much more patient than me.....
Awaiting to see how many pins she knocked down... 
 Scotty's turn..
 Brynne Boo laying on the floor
 Do you like the hands partially on his hips, behind his back...hoping he gets a strike!

 Up next Nicholas
 Pretty smiling she is a bowler.....

 Oh how Scotty loves his big brother...I am not looking forward to saying "good-bye"....
 This is what a 4 year old does, when she is done bowling....Thankfully they were not busy!

 Final score....Bella is the winner....Me the loser!!!
We had a great time! it has been nice having Nicholas here, and am sad that his time is almost over! Scotty will be really sad too...

Scotty has been having a tough time lately, really missing his dad when he travels and saying he wants to move back home. (which is not an option) Then he will say he wants to go to Florida, which we are leaning toward staying here. It has been tough, he misses his Grandparents, and Mimi & Pa...I think it just takes time to adjust....I feel like I am still not adjusted, like I am still trying to find my niche, and all that takes is time..It is now hitting him the reality of a year later being gone. This is a tough time, and heartbreaking for a momma to watch...

For now we are sitting tight, praying to God and not looking too far ahead into anything, trying to be patient, and mostly LOVE this life, EVERYDAY.

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