Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all and your families! What a great and wonderful day this is! Aside from the fact that the sun is not shining, the real Son is!! We had a wonderful Easter service, the best one in our 3 years of going to church! It was amazing and uplifting...I had no make up when we left, as usual....

We colored eggs last night, the kids loved it! I love that Brynne is at an age to actually enjoy all the things that we do and that are going on around her!! (and that I do not have to carry a diaper bag, leave a restaurant if she acts up, and oh ya, get up in the middle of the night...I could go on, but I won't-because I know I will miss it someday, just not right now)

The kids were of course up at the crack of dawn, awaiting to dig in their baskets! We got ready for church and then did our baskets and egg hunt (inside) when we got home from church.

 Team work..they turned out perfect!!
The baskets.....Bella, Scotty and Brynne's....
 On our way home from church, I wanted to get a few pics of the, this is our neighborhood, and YES they are weeds! But i did not know weeds could be so pretty! By the time church was over, they just wanted to get home! So I took what I could get, which was not much...but it's better than nothing!

 I made these outfits a while back, and they had not worn them. Since I am not big on spending money on Easter dresses (or Christmas ones for that matter)...I figures this was a great time to wear them...they looked really cute!

 Bella's Basket
 Scotty's Basket
 Brynne's Basket
 Opening cards from family....
 The egg hunt begins......The race was on!

 Looking for the LAST hidden egg....

 Scotty found it! it was a purple hippo egg that was in the top of my flower arrangement (on the Left)

 Now who hunts eggs in a tankini? Brynne!! She is my kid that would live in a bathing suit if we let her! When she was young (about 18 months old) she would get into Bella's swim suit drawer and layer ALL of them on her, and yell "babing  suit"...It was hysterical!
Today also embarked a feeling of an experience that I knew would soon come. The TRUTH about the Easter Bunny. When we got home, we were doing baskets, and it came up about who got the stuff in the baskets...I said, Me and Dad. We explained the REAL meaning of Easter, which they already knew. But I wanted them to know how important Easter IS, and that it is not about a bunny and candy. Bella and Brynne did not really react, Scotty had already previously said that kids at school said it was parents..I however did tell them not to say that to other kids, because they may still believe in the Easter Bunny. Also we explained that he is a fairytale, kind of like a mermaid ...As we were sorting through the eggs, to empty out the candy, there were a few duds, with nothing in them ( I think they got a few before we got up, because I know EVERY egg was full before we went to bed) and I said maybe the Easter bunny ate them...Scotty agreed, and we called it good!

This is another day, in which I am reminded of the changes our life has taken, the family and friends that are not here, that I do miss dearly... This reminds me that life is always a journey, always an adventure and ALWAYS a learning experience!

There are so many experiences in my life I look at, and think of things I could or would have done differently...But those same experiences, that I may regret at times, also make me who I am today..and that I would not trade for the world. No life is perfect, no life is free of dilemmas and problems, it is the manner in which you choose to deal with things in your life. I have not always been the most positive person, I am getting better with age, and the help of God, and for that I am thankful! i want to live my best life, and that is what my husband and children NEED from me...I am the only one who can GIVE it to them!

So today as I learn to live a life that is different to me, unfamiliar in many ways, I also chose to love it, and embrace what He has to offer me. Something no one else can.

In His Grace,
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