Monday, April 18, 2011

Softball....Baseball....and a Dinner ALONE

We are trying to adjust to the everyday different crazy weather...but it is HARD...Real Hard. I think I took for granted the "California" weather, and I miss it, ALOT. We had Baseball for Scotty Saturday morning, and I wore thongs, my feet were frozen! But is was good, I finally got to go to his game! They lost by a point or two..but they had a lot of fun and I got a few pictures..Next time I will get in the dug out, when I am not covered up with a jacket and a blanket!!

 Taking some good advice from dad at first base...

This one Scotty hit a far really good one, only to be caught by one of his really good friends on the opposing team, Jackson...he is a great player and very sweet boy! But what a bummer...only in a small town!!

Bella had softball in McKinney in the afternoon, so at least it warmed up! Daddy owes her a dollar, she made it around to home, and that was the deal!

 The girls are doing really good...they have won all three games!! Yay!!

And then there is Brynne pestering Daddy as he is trying to watch the game....haha!!

Scott and I were able to enjoy a dinner out with no kids that night! Finally it seems like forever, a date night, what is that? I ate so much I felt sick, and I wonder why I need to lose

Am setting Goals, Ones that I need to try to adhere to, I have GOT to lose 15 pounds, this is getting ridiculous!!

Giving big Props to my Bestest Friend Melissa at home, she has lost 11 pounds...Yay!! Am Sooooo happy for you! I miss you and wish I was still next door! (You could encourage me) haha...

Running out to pick up Bella, Scotty was not feeling good today, so I picked him up early...
Happy Monday!
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