Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggstravaganza...and lotsa candy too!

Thursday were the kids Easter celebrations at school...lots fun and lotsa candy too! Scott was home so he went with me to both, the kids were happy to see us! Considering the kids only have 2 actual parties a year that parents are allowed past the front desk, I jump on the opportunity to go and see my kids with their friends, talk with their teachers and chat with other moms, that I do not really is a good time, a little crazy but good!

 The egg "hunt" turned into an egg "grab", due to the wonderful rain we were I guess it was a total free for all!! We missed Bella's, but am assuming it went about like this..except Scotty's was Mr. Pasqua & Mrs. Pasqua, girls vs. the boys....I stayed behind to help in the class set up the plates of treats...

 Ready , Set, Go...that's what this looks like to me!

 Eating marshmallows....
 Jackson and Scotty
 Keaton, Scotty and David (super sweet kid!)
We had fun..It is always nice to watch your kids in their element..being in a comfortable surrounding, seeing them interact with friends....good times!

Thursday nights Bella has dance, and up until now I had not gotten any pictures of her practicing! They have their big recital at the end of May, all dolled up in their dance costume, with glitz and glitter, I a is going to b adorable!! They are doing a cheer/dance routine, so I got a few pictures.....

 Abby (another Abby) and Bella

So we are getting ready for Easter weekend, trying to recover still...Bella had Pink Eye on Wednesday, Scott got bronchitis (again for the 5th time since we moved here) and Brynne is hacking like there is no tomorrow...

Good Times...
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