Friday, April 15, 2011

Very Crazy Weather

Last night it stormed...again. The sky was like a strobe light and then IT started...terrible rain and hail. Yes I am the girl from California, in her robe at 11:30 at night out picking up "proof" to show my children and out of town husband....

Yes my friends that is a nickel and that is hail. Now Thankfully no damage was done to my car, that sits out because our garage is too full of crap to get actual cars in there.... I guess you already figured what we are doing this weekend, huh?

On another storm note, today the wind was down right ridiculous, there is simply no reason for it to blow like it has all day...As I sat on my couch about 20 minutes ago, looking for a movie to watch with the kids, Brynne looked out the window and asked if we got a new play set....then began to cry...because she saw this....

Another thing to add to the to do list....Good times.....Are you kidding me?

Thank God it's Friday.....

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