Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunshine after the Storm..haven't seen that in a while

So after the storm yesterday afternoon, which left my yard flooded and a mess..the kids were out to play as soon as it was over and the sun peeked out....

 This spring has brought up some callalillies...I can't wait to see them!
 Believe it or not, they are all three in the jeep...This was what they looked like AFTER I saw them through my office window, with Brynne riding on the hood!! I yelled out to them, that that was not OK, and unsafe, so they all crammed in together, that too, however was short lived.....(this poor thing has seen better days..we have had it since Scotty was 4!)

 Now these concern me..I envisioned them as teenagers...need I say more?

 Notice the bare feet? He paid for that one later, with a fall, scuffed and blooded knees....Hey at least he wore a helmet...Helllooooo

They are calling for more rain today...when will it be over??

Have a blessed day!
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