Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beautiful Beetle turns 7

She will always be my Beetle, my "B", a sweet Beetle, my Bel....she turned 7 today! She was my first daughter, the one perfectly dressed, with matching bracelets and bows for every outfit..The sweetest baby, cutest little girl and now I see her growing before my eyes and I can't believe it! Now my great reader, mathematician, a cheer leader and dancer, along with some natural softball talent. She is competitive and shy, full of smiles and laughter, and the first to whine or call you out if you are doing something wrong! She is a bossy Big Sister (aren't they all) She is a Daddy's girl, she is a lover of press on nails, that was her favorite gift of all! She loves to be outside, loves to catch bugs, be on her swing set..loves to bring the rotten Snickers in her bed at night and trap him under the covers, she is a good friend and a wonderful daughter, She is my Bella Jewell and I LOVE THIS GIRL IMMENSELY!

We took the kids out a little early today, being it was her birthday and Nicholas' last day...we headed to Casa Rita's for lunch, then surpirsed them with going Ice Skating! Bella always wants to do this when we go to the mall, so we thought it would be fun! It was..although I did not ice skate, I conveniently wore thongs and brought no socks...I don't want to get hurt! Nicholas did awesome, and Scott remembered quickly, without being hurt! (thankfully) Scotty at one point said to Bella "Why did you pick this?" he was a little frustrated..but then got better. Bella is so persistent, good or bad, she is that! She was determined, and she did really good! Brynne was being held up by Daddy, and again, he has the patience of a saint....

Inching along the wall...getting the feel for it!
Sweet Boy...a little frustrated...it is hard!
I love this picture of Bella and Nicholas, her big brother, very sweet he was helping her!

Daddy helping Scotty
One last lap with Brynne...
Once we got done, we headed fro home...we had cake and presents.....

 The gang..
 Do ya like my hat?? More on that tomorrow!

 Present fun!

 The purple unicorn pillow pet Brynne picked out for Bella

 The favored gift...Hello Kitty stick on nails ( I remember these as a kid...loved em')

 All about the Barbies!
 Daddy trying out the pillow pet....maybe I should get him one...lol
 YUM..MarketStreet bakery...it's all good!

Carrot Cake for Mommy & Daddy.....

 Sisterly love...
It was really  a great day! We have done a lot of things this week, valued a little more of each others time this week...made some memories that WE needed!

I am a little teary tonight...Tomorrow is a sad day, for all of us...and Scotty will be very sad when he says good bye to his brother..It breaks my heart. This was a great week, everything felt complete and I have LOVED every minute of it.It was a comfort that I hadn't felt in a while. It is so different, being away from home, I think these times are the times I am reminded of it most, they are the good times, when if feels like something is "missing"..These are the times I am growing to cherrish the most..and make the most of...they are all we have got...Today and everyday,  Thanking God for my many blessings, my family and my life...

In His Grace,

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