Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's ALWAYS Something...

So Sunday night we had a HORRIBLE storm, unlike anything this girl from California has ever seen. The rain was coming down so hard, when you looked outside, everything was a blur! We had small hail hitting the glass window in our bathroom, we did not sleep well for about 2-3 hours until it stopped...

We had plans to get a few things done Monday, until we got a call from the storage places where we store our work trailer and our RV, both in Prosper at different places...They said they had golf ball size hail, the night of the storm, there are lotsa cars, windows and rv's with damage.. So we went to assess it.

Not Good, But could have been worse!

Our RV has a good amount of damage to the door and the under areas that are used for storage, it looked like someone took a pellet gun to it! Because those parts are metal/aluminum, not fiberglass, they are dented...

The work trailer, well thankfully it is just that. The back was again pelted along with the roof, and all the lights were broken...Believe me when I saw that is MILD in comparison to the other ones we saw...

So today I was so lucky to take Daisy to the vet, for her stinky ear, and that stinky ear cost me a whopping $161.79 cents...For the love of God, it's like another having another kid, that I could have lived without!

The weeks off to a Fabulous start, hopefully it gets better!
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  1. We got hit by that same storm...but no damage as far as we can tell...who knows what our roof looks like!! Sorry about all the damage and having to take your pooch in for "work"!! :)

    BTW...love LOVE your hats SO MUCH!! You are so talented...the bling is awesome. Great job!

  2. Thanks so much ...Hope you are good and all is well. Things are looking up, I think my "seasonl" depression is gone...THE SUN CAME out and fixed it!


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