Friday, March 25, 2011

West Palm Beach

Am finally out from under the mountain of laundry, cleaning of my car and back to reality to do the rest of my West Palm Beach pictures...woo, it has been a week of getting back into the routine!! It feels good to be home...and I have been feeling a little "luckier" than I did before I left...

You see, when we left for our trip, I was pretty down, down on me (weight gain), down on the fact that I am alone here, down on the I had a pretty open mind, that we were outta here and going to Florida ( to find a place to take up residence) When we got there, I felt different, like I already reminded me of the things I did not LOVE about California....So when we got home, late on Sunday night...the next morning I woke up and felt "new"..I felt VERY Blessed for my small town, my few routines and friends, my "simple" life, if you will....I felt very "LUCKY" to call this place home.

I think when I was down, I looked at this life, not realizing the beauty of it, not realizing the opportunity, and the life, that many people wish they could live out...I realized what I have, because I was removed from it, even if only for a week.

Still we will continue to pray, as Scott doesn't want to travel for ever, and I don't want him to either, we will have to wait and see God's plan for us....and go from there.

Here are the few pics I took in WPB and Juno Beach (in Jupiter),  the Destin ones are better...but I thought I'd share...

 Daddy pointing out the dangers on shore, washed up "man of war" I guess they are like a jellyfish, they can sting you....

 Walking on the shore West Palm Beach...funny I never thought of this until we went there, but typically you think of the sunsetting on the beach, well because it is the Southeast, it sets in the opposite romantic sunset beach watching!!!
 Finding something to throw at the man of war, of course, he is a boy...

 These were like rock formations in the sand at the shore

 The water was FREEZING, but that did not stop my kids, does it ever?? They were jumping waves, getting knocked was pretty strong, so Scott was close by to keep an eye on them..

 The pier at Juno Beach (near Jupiter) There are so many shells here too, something you rarely see in we collected an entire bucket by the time we left Florida!!

 Enjoying the fact that her brother went down...

 What I want to be doing when I am old....
Happy Friday!!

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