Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween follow up...too much candy!

Last night we trick or treated in our neighborhood, going to every house..eating a few snickers and reeses' in between...and tootsie rolls (yum) Here's our kidos...
Bella aka Draculaura from Monster High (not a fan) Brynne aka Lil' Sweetie and Scotty aka Cowboy

 Bella and her friends Sidney and Ellie, also Monster High girls...
 Scotty was counting candy, think he counted 197 pieces...that equals cavities!

 Brynne received a toothbrush, probably a dentist in our neighborhood..pretty funny!
 The kitchen table, as you can see was FULL...and I still had candy left over from passing out..I will have to get home to Mr. Pasqua and donate it to his class.....haha
Good times, it was great!! But I could not help miss our friends at home! soon enough, am on the countdown....9 days til the trailer gets delivered...to load...all the while with big smiles!
Big Hugs,
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