Sunday, November 6, 2011

turkey bowl game and football party.....wrap it up!

Yesterday upon arriving in Royal Palm Beach Gardens, we saw our opposing team...Wild Cats. Their coach was giving them a talking to, they were uniformed and disciplined, and not to mention big. They looked a lot bigger than our kids....So Scott said..."Oh, this doesn't look good"...and while I half heartedly agreed, I told him to have a little faith.
 The game started, and it went good, our boys played their best, they gave it all their little hearts could give.....And we whooped em' 27 to 6...and the six, was the ref being nice....YAY! It was great, all Scotty could say was this is the best day ever. Not only did they win their Turkey Bowl, it was his 9th Birthday and we had a great after party at one of the coaches houses!! Here are a few pics from the game...

 this was an awesome touchdown, our coach was so happy!

It was awesome, the boys were so excited! They huddled up and the coaches gave them big pats on the back..and sang Scotty a lil' Happy to the party!!!

 Coach Austin


 Didn't these boys get enough football today?
 They had a DJ and all the kids were dancing...very cool!

 Coach the pool, throwing kids in! He tossed Scotty in right before we left with his dry clothes on! lol....
 The trophy...pretty nice huh?

The party started at 2 and we didn't get home til after 8..I was beat and now with the time change..ugh! While I am glad to be packing to come home, I got a little teary when the coach gave Scotty his trophy..I felt like he learned alot here, he was given a chance to do a lot of things and it was great! While I know everyone wants to win, it is also about mentoring and teaching these kids, which our coach took very seriously. They were fun and were serious when they had to be, it was a great time, I am glad for all our sakes  we had this to do and keep us busy! It helped the time go by fast..I am ready for some "home"

Today we are off to Bella's cheer party..she won't be getting too crazy as she sprained her ankle last night at the party, it was an hour in and on the trampoline..that was it, she was done...I hope she feels better by the time we leave as we have a Disney World trip planned and it is a surprise!!!

Happy Sunday!
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