Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a magical place

When we left Florida, we decided to stop at Disneyworld for a couple reasons...one being we had never been there and two, we will NEVER be in the south of Florida again in our life! I am not a big fan of theme park places, they are expensive and crowded and it is just not my thing, I'd rather be on a beach or at the lake on a boat, I'd be happy in my own backyard in a pool.... without a ton of people around me! Theme parks are expensive, the food is not that good and is expensive, it is a lot of walking and waiting for a short few minute ride...but we did it!! I am glad we did, our kids have great memories of it and we scratch that off our list of things to do, for a good 5 or so more years, and even then I would go to California..at least there we would go for more reasons than theme parks, we could see our friends and family!! Plus we personally like Disneyland better than Disneyworld, but we only visited the Magic Kingdom..

I was bummed I left my big lens on my camera! So no wide shots with lots of scenery in the back ground...ugh...I need major practice or another class!

 Brynne, Bella and Scotty, at the start of the adventure....

 Mommy and Bella VS Daddy, Scotty and Brynne, in the bumper cars....

 Toy Story...

 These were taken on a steam boat tour, but I can't remember what it was called...
 The Haunted Mansion, we didn't go in, I thought Brynne might be scared.

 A few various Characters...they were heard to find, and hard for kids to see on a float with so many adults!
 Bella, Brynne and Rosetta, from the Tinkerbell Fairies
 The girls and Tink, I won't even tell you how long a line I waited in to get these pics....
 Still smiling, a good 10 hours later...we were beat!
 This was the best thing, this castle was amazing!! It had different colored changing lights...it was so pretty!
All in all it was a good trip...bummed I didn't get more pictures!! We did a ton of walking and while it was good, we actually planned to go the next day, until Bella said to me.."Mommy, I had fun yesterday, but I don't want to go back to that place again today...." (Thank You God!)

We headed to Destin......LOVE THE BEACH!
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