Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Boy and his Bugs

So we have a lot of Bugs here...unlike California, I told Scott that everyday here in the "country" will be an adventure...So We have been out in the evenings a little, the only time you can unless you'd like to be sweaty...which technically you are still sweaty in the evening, the difference would be is that the sun is not blazing a trail on you...so evenings are better, we bug up...(put on our Off!) and head out!!
So this is what my kids do for fun, yes even the girls, although Scotty is the one who searches them out most..he especially likes praying mantis'....

So the yellow ones name is Banana, the other I don't know, and the mantis is Greeny...pretty self explanatory...the one on his finger, is merely to show the size of this thing...come on really? they are gigantic...the big ones are the only ones that stay still to grab, the young ones jump all over the place!! And YES the mantis picture is taken INSIDE the house today, in which he escaped behind the entertainment center in the den...I immediately found a long poker thing, and had him go out on the other side, in which he was then let go, outside where he belonged in the first place, to be free of his captor, my son..

I would rather end this post on a soothing calming note, rather than picturing those bugs crawling on me in the night, here goes...

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