Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One good thing about rain here....

When we first moved in, it rained, and came down all of a sudden... I had been telling Scott one thing I always remember about going to my grandma's house, was that we would play in the rain when they would have a thunderstorm...well we let our kids out in it, when it came down here. The nice thing here when it rains, it still stays warm, so it's not like they are out in the far..
I snapped a few of these, they had relay races in the water, that was running through the front of property, it was more like a small river!!

Also this was the 4th of July weekend, and as I drove into our town, I saw this.....

I had told Scott a few times, I gotta stop and get a picture of that before they take it down. I got the picture and I also sat back a moment to Thank God for the place he had led us to live...Thankful for it's smallness, Thankful for their acknowledgement for the brave men and women that protect our country EVERYDAY, and MOST Thankful that they are not afraid to praise the Lord......

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