Monday, July 26, 2010

Schlitterbahn Fun

Last month when Nicholas was here, we made a trip to a HUGE waterpark, Schlitterbahn....It is so fun. Typically I am not a water park kinda girl, really at home I would NEVA have gone, they gross me out!! This one is cool for thee fact that the Comal river is near by, like right out back, and they use that water to run throughout the stinky chlorine or is really neat! We have been here once before when we were checking out Texas, Last year...and the kids loved it!!

It is a good 4+ hour drive from home, so we stayed the night and had planned to go the next day as well, then that morning Bellas woke up not feeling good, and neither did Nicholas, so we headed home...I did not take nearly as many pictures as I would have, so here goes....
This I NEVER would have done...For one I am afraid of heights, and the fact that Bella went on it, was amazing! They got to the top, and I fully expected to see her change her mind...but she is a trooper...and I think cause she was with her BIG brother, she was fine...she wanted to go again!! (um...No Thank You!)

When we were in the kids area, they had a water slide for little ones, and Brynne was too young last time, but this time she went right on, Nicholas caught her a few times, then she was on her own!!

more water slide fun....

Then here are a few pics I took of Scotty...

And yet a few more for Fun!!

This post took forever, am off to bed!!
Big Hugs to ya'll

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