Monday, July 26, 2010

sunsets and wine..

So when I saw my great gurfren Kim..this past week.....I was telling her that we do not have access to Maurice Carie or South Coasts' Muscat Canelli wine...which WE drank and entire bottle of, on our river trip, last year...sitting in 95+ degree heat, at night, we consumed this lovely, fruity, and very yummy wine on the back of our golf cart. When I was home last month, I bought 3 bottles, of which are now gone...No I did not consume them all by myself, well maybe 2 of the 3...

So at Walmart (the only BIG grocery store type place we have, that is somewhat close- if you count 30 minutes as close) I was browsing their selections of wine, and saw my usual Berringer White Zin...and saw this....

It is Barefoot Wine..Moscato, and it is really yummy...So I stocked up and headed home to enjoy..that evening AFTER the kidos were in bed, and i was in the bath....very fruity, sweet...YUM!

Also I snapped a little sunset pic from the front yard, looking to the side of our house....I have yet to see a full rainbow, but with a sky this big, it will happen, if we ever get anymore rain!! haha

Well am awaiting the arrival of an AC guy....i will probably need a glass of Moscato, when he hits me with the bill, better yet, maybe i should drink it before he gets here!! ( I am only kidding!)
Big a Fabulous Monday!

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