Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Town

This is my town.....although we are new here, we are very excited to be a part of a small community...EVERYONE I have met has been more than nice, more than helpful, and it is great! I think sometimes we grow accustomed to our surroundings, and don't really see them for what they are until we step away from them...This move was none the less HUGE for me, for my family, for US...while there have been times that have been difficult, I find myself being very thankful for what has come, what we have done, for the chances in life we have been given. it is now up to us to follow those chances, those opportunities..whether they are new or scary, we will follow them...I have never felt my life be more at ease, until now...when the economy is failing, our finances are not what they were, I find comfort in the choices we have been led to...thankful for my friendships, that in turn have turned me to follow God's lead, not my own. Which can be difficult, but I know He will provide me everything I NEED...the things we may want, come in time...

Some times I am over come with so many emotions, and this blog is who I have to talk to them about...we are still new here....I do still miss my friends and family...I know the relationships and comforts, they come in time...I wish I was more patient, but that has never been a good trait for me...I am a bad "waiter"....I think in this stage in my life, God is teaching me to be more patient...and I am starting to listen....

Happy almost Friday

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