Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dance Recital

Oh Friday finally was the count down all week, and all week Bella had not felt well, and Thankfully she was fine to dance...(she better have been) This was a big deal, the girls were so excited...Once again, Lainey and Abby came, and we got dolled up at my house, and then went up to the High School, super early, so we could get a decent seat, and do some awesome pictures...that I will get to see soon. (so excited)

So once again I took alot pf pictures, and of course they were indoors, and I don't know what the deal with my camera was, but my red eye reduction was not working, it would not stay on. (ugh...major irritation) Plus it doesn't help the fact that I suck at indoor pictures...

 Bella and Abby at the start of The Time..

 Go Bella!! She was on Fire!!

 Ok...These little girls were I wanted to take this one home, and Brynne repeatedly asked me to buy her a dress like that one....They did this song to the Chipmunks version of "the Single Ladies" by Beyonce...They had little light up rings, it was too cute!!

 And these two...Just as cute, they did Mr. Sun...
 I had to snap a few pics of Brynne, I think she was a little left out, with Bella getting so much attention and being all glammed up, But she deserved it! Bella and all the girls worked really hard, and this was their reward!
 Bella, Abby and Lainey...
 Me, Lainey and the girls (I am gonna miss this chicka...big time!)
The night was fun, exciting and also tiring...we were beat by the time the 2 hour show was over, especially since us girlie's had been there since 5:30 to do pictures....woo it was a long night, but sooooooo worth it! I am a very proud momma, Bella was great and she was very in her element....She did a Great Job!!
Have a wonderful weekend...more catching up to come!
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