Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saying GoodBye

So Thursday was Brynne's last day of preschool...Bitter sweet for sure! I am so happy at how much she has grown there, learned there, made friends and LOVED there...learned about God, Participated as a group, shared special times with friends and the entire experience on a whole, has been everything I could have wanted for her first time at school!
Saying Good bye is never easy, and I really do not look forward to the next month or so when more goodbyes will have to come...I Hate good byes.

Scott and I went to her class party, got to see their circle time routine, days and month, and their calendar..who gets to be line leader and help with snacks...they did some songs and dances for us! It was sssooo cute!

The start of circle time..
 Kambryn and friends!
 These two were inseparable....
 Brynne did the date...May 19-2011
 During one of the songs, all the girls hugged Brynne...Leah, Whitney, Brynne and cute
 Brynne and Zack...Cooper and Kambryn
 The hugging was hilarious, they thought so too!
 Sweet Girls....
 Mrs. Cindy, Brynne and me...

 Zack and Brynne....
 this girly loves her Daddy....
So something I did not expect to happen did...and it killed me. We were all saying good bye, Brynne hugged her friends, and then when it came time to say good bye to Kambryn, she cried. We made our way to Kambryn, and then once she hugged her, Brynne was standing there, with her head down. Really I did not think anything about it, I said "Brynne, come on", and when she looked up at me, that was it! Her face was a little red, and I saw her lip quiver....she started to cry. OK, talk about heart break, and I lost it.

I did not think she would react this way, Scotty and Bella never did..but Brynne is different...
she is a T.

The ride home, she kept pulling out her bag, of all her special things from school, along with a book that Ms. Cindy had made...and she would talk to the book, and she would cry a little. Talk about feeling like a loser! I feel like I am disrupting their lives...again....this is an awful feeling..I keep being Thankful that they are young, that they are resilient, that they will be happier in the long run because we will all be together, but that is hard to see "RIGHT NOW", especially for them.

So since then, just about everyday I pick up her things and put them back in her back....every day she takes them out and looks for them....

This is going to be a long summer.....

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  1. Oh no...poor baby!! But you are right..they are young and very resilient. You aren't moving them in the middle of H.S. (which I think is probably the most difficult)..and they will be okay. I have continued to pray for you guys and the move. Keep your chin up and it will be okay! Girl, you are a great momma and you are doing what is right for your worries, no doubt... :)


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