Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Too Much

I am trying to keep up, catch up...whatever you want to call it! Ugh..We had 2 days of nonstop rain, and it sucked! I am so tired of being inside my house, it is really hard to get used to...

Anyways I will recap the weekend, and up to date..

Saturday Scotty had baseball in the morning (I forgot my camera-bad mom) and after that we had the end of the BBQ at his teacher's house. It was a lot of fun, in which I did remember my camera!!
They had hot dogs and lotsa sweets (Mr. Pasqua loves his sweets!) and we had a few games, one in particular was the egg toss, in which Scotty and Christian won...then it got ugly and turned into an egg fight!!

 Ava and Bella

 I love these kind of pictures...
 Scotty and Keaton
 Brynne was where ever the dog was, and feeding her a stick....nice
 The dog tried to get into the cupcakes, so she had to be confined!
 Scotty & Christian
 Jackson in the egg race....

 Brynne waiting her turn

 Do ya think it was windy?

 Good catch!!

 looks like Scotty is pitching for softball!!

 Good times!

 A little game of kickball baseball....
 Only a kid from California kicks with thongs on!!

 Brynne's big kick!
It was so nice, and glad we did not get rained out...the rain came later that night into Sunday and Monday..it rained non stop!

Bella missed her softball on Saturday, because we wanted to all go together to the BBQ...it seems like these days I am either alone, or we are separating to take kids to different things...not my idea of a good time.

Which brings me to another situation...Last week Scott was in Florida, and calls me Wednesday to let me know he got 2 more commercial contracts, and while that is wonderful, it also means a move. Something we had not discussed much since we got home from Spring Break, I had actually put it out of our thoughts. I had been quietly praying for God to lead us, either way no matter which way, to what we were supposed to do. This being our sign. At a time when business' are struggling, we are growing, just not in Texas. This makes me sad in a lot of ways, I am starting over again, for the third time since we left home, and I am not looking forward to all the change again, not to mention the packing.

This last year or so has been hard, and harder than I ever thought it would be. I do miss home, but only because it was comfortable for me, my life was there, our memories, our children being born, our relationship was different, better, and it was our life....

I miss my life.

Now here I find myself really trying to not look back at what was, or what could have been, and trying with all of me to find a new happiness, new memories, new comforts and a new life, again, and it is not easy.

I am trying to focus on the fact that we will all be together, all the time, and everyday...again, like a family is supposed to be. I am focusing on the warmer weather the plans of beach trips to replace our once river trips, making new memories and fondly remembering the old ones. I miss my best friend, and cherish her daily, as I may only find a friend like her once in my lifetime.

Trying to hold myself together as the next months are going to be tough, lotsa travel, packing, running crazy and trying to find a place to live, list our house, finish our upstairs...the list is a mile long, and that doesn't include daily life!

Here is to life and living all it has to offer, one day at a time.
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  1. OMGosh Christina!! Well, I knew you were struggling with living here, and that you just wanted an answer from God as to what to do...I hope this brings you a peace. I know it will be rough for you and your sweet family, but you are relying on Christ and that is what will help you make it!! Hey...and you get to move by the beach and sun...some of your favs!! I will be praying for you!


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